Your body, your Valentine

Hello Sunshine! How are you?

I am very happy to be with you one more week, sharing some love. I hope you set some time aside to reflect on the question I wrote about in last week’s post.

As in every last Monday of the month, I have for you a guest post from my dear friend Lily. So without any further comment, I am leaving you in her hands with the wonderful post she wrote this week about treating our body as our own Valentine.

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Your body, your Valentine

February has always been the month of the year to celebrate and embrace love. We can see the stores surrounded by balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates meant to be delivered to our loved ones to express love. This also means to say how grateful we are for everything they do for us, to tell them how thankful and lucky we feel to have them in our lives. But have you ever made yourself, and especially your body your valentine?

Sadly, society has taught us to criticize our bodies. It has made us believe that if we had “less here and a little bit more over there,” we could finally be happy and achieve our goals. But today, I want you to think about this… how many chances have you ever given to a loved one? Whenever they make a mistake, whenever they accidentally hurt you. I am sure you have found space in your heart to understand and forgive. However, when it comes to us, we seldom find room for forgiveness, and instead, we embrace criticism.

The first step is always the hardest

As a nutritionist, I have seen that some of my patients have the motivation, resources, and time. However, they still don’t find the “key” to achieve their health goals, and instead, they get frustrated when they don’t see “results.” On the other hand, I have patients with insufficient time, limited resources, and less motivation who have enjoyed the process and, therefore, achieved their goals.

What is the missing ingredient?


Self-acceptance does not involve making a list of things you don’t like and avoiding taking steps to improve. It embraces what you have to feel empowered and capable of using your strengths to change whatever you decide to—knowing that you are stronger than you think. A mind that is grateful to the body will always rule over anything else.

A love letter to your body

Self-acceptance takes time and effort, it is not easy, but it is worth it. When you understand you have the same power to destroy as to construct, you start making yourself a priority. You start treating your body like the temple it is. You nourish it with the food it deserves and rest it like the unique and powerful machine it is.

Today, I want you to write a love letter to your body about your relationship with it.

You haven’t always loved or valued it, and I know it is hard to be at peace with it sometimes. Think about the times you have tried to hide those legs that allow you to run towards the things you love, those hips that allow you to dance to your favorite song, that belly that helps you enjoy the food that you love. Ask yourself and your body for forgiveness for all those times you have not treated yourself as a priority. Forgive yourself for not choosing the food that makes you feel happy and nourished, not resting how you deserve, for hiding the beautiful story that every inch shows.

Please accept what you would like to change and embrace it. Reaching a better version of yourself is possible only. But only if you start from self-love and acceptance, knowing that who you are right now is worthy of admiration and respect. So much respect that you will now only act according to that level of love. Act by eating foods that nourish and heal and enjoy your favorites on special occasions without any guilt. Act by moving every part of your body because you love it enough to preserve it until you are older, also by resting as a reward of your hard work every day for you and others.

Work on yourself, for yourself

This month, I invite you to forgive, respect, admire, embrace, adore and worship the most important relationship: you and your body, your temple. Remember, every day you can decide if your daily habits agree with the amount of love you want to give to your body. Only you have the power and authority to give your body what it deserves. Nobody else can do it for you, but once you start, you will understand that embracing yourself today can help you build a better you tomorrow, to make yourself your favorite place.

Wrapping it up

Dear Sunshine, I hope you liked this week’s post about making your body your Valentine as much as I did. It might help you reflect on the kind of relationship you have with your body and the one you wish to achieve.

Hope you have a nice week!

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