Valentine’s Day self-care guide

Hello Sunshine! How are you?

I hope life has been treating you well this past week.

For my part, I can say I’ve had good days this week. My mental health has been alright, and I have had the time and energy to work on two novels I’m writing. So all is well, life is good. 

However, life is good as long as I don’t think about how Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer. It is not that I hate the day; it is just that, no matter how good my mental health is doing, this day tends to be an ugly reminder of how single I’ve been my whole life. 

This year, I thought it would be nice to use the day to practice some self-love as part of this self-care journey. That’s why today I bring you a Valentine’s Day self-care guide. 

But before we get into it, remember you can check out last week’s post with my top 10 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

Without any further comment, let me present to you this week’s Valentine’s Day self-care guide with ten things you can do to pamper yourself during this day of the year.

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Treat yourself to your favorite candy

Today forget all about your diet and allow yourself to enjoy some of your favorite candy. It’ll help brighten your day a little bit.

Cook your favorite meal

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy that sophisticated meal you love, but you don’t have the energy to prepare most of the time. Or that one meal you are always saving for special occasions. Do it this day. You deserve it!

Watch your favorite movie

If you don’t feel up to watching your favorite movie, this is the perfect time to get out my list of favorites to watch during this day and spend some time relaxing.

Listen to music from your favorite artist

I don’t know about you, but for me, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the company of the voice of the one and only Harry Styles. Who’s music would you like to listen to on this day?

Spend some time journaling

Clearing your head of every thought haunting it is one of the best gifts you could give to yourself. It will help you take care of your mental health, which is always a good way of practicing self-care.

Facetime some friends

Practicing some social self-care on this day is an excellent way of spending it. Besides, it provides you with a perfect opportunity to show your friends how much you love and appreciate them.

Light a candle and read your favorite book

It doesn’t have to be your favorite book, but if reading is something you enjoy, you can always spend some time with the current book you are reading. It is an excellent way to clear your mind and focus on different things other than the sweetest day of the year.

Take a long and relaxing bath

How does exfoliating your body sound? Or how about a bubble bath with scented candles? It doesn’t matter what you prefer, but it’s important that this is the perfect opportunity to pamper your body.

Spend quality time with your family

If you can do this in the chaotic life we are living in at the moment, you can always do it and allow yourself to strengthen your relationship with your family. This is also an excellent way of practicing some social self-care.

Exercise for half an hour

Or more. The thing is that moving your body is a great way of showing it how much you care and appreciate all it does for you daily.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it Sunshine, this is my Valentine’s Day self-care guide for this year. I will undoubtedly be spending some time practicing some of the things, if not all the ones I mentioned. 

Remember that you can always share with me how you would like to spend your Valentine’s Day if you feel up to it.

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