How to practice social self-care?

Hi Sunshine! How are you?

I hope you have a good start to your week.

I’m very excited about this post because it’s the third week in a row I post, which is a sign of the steps I’m taking in the way of recovery. In a future post, I’ll do my best to tell you about my mental health struggles, but I will do so when I feel ready to talk about it in the honest way my blog deserves.

Before we get into this week’s topic, I’d like to leave you a quick reminder to check out the post my friend Lily wrote for us last week. It’s about how we can keep our body hydrated. I’m sure that if you haven’t read it, you’ll love it!

Now moving on, I would like to talk about something that has helped me a lot during this dark time: friends and family. 

Alright, so not exactly them… but related to them.

Lately, I’ve thought a lot about how my mental health pushed me to neglect the relationships with the people in my life. The moment I started to feel better, I decided it was time to practice some good social self-care.

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What is social self-care?

Simply put, this type of self-care is all about nurturing and deepening the relationships with the people in your life. 

Some ways in which you can practice social self-care is by scheduling a weekly phone call with your parents, having a game night with friends, or having a date with your significant other. 

I’m pretty sure that during these uncertain times of pandemic, simple activities like going out might not be as easy as they used to be. But even though it feels like it, it is not the end of the world and surely, not the end of your possibilities.

A FaceTime call or a text are good ways to check up on your loved ones.

How have I’ve been practicing social self-care?

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I have been struggling with my mental health. Because of that, I drifted away from all the people I love. Not only that, but I’ve realized I have built up walls to avoid any kind of attachment to people. 

This is the first time I admit that so openly, and I’m getting a strange feeling of relief.

Anyway, now that I’ve started feeling better, I decided it was time to get in touch with old friendships and get some quality time with my loved ones.

It hasn’t been easy. I have fought huge battles trying to break old habits. 

I have started texting my friends and replying when they ask how I’m doing. Not only that, but I’m honest. My friends are amazing, and I’m sure they genuinely care about how I’m doing, so I owe it to them to be honest. 

It’s scary to be so vulnerable with people after so many years of building up walls. Yet I have no regrets. 

Another thing I have been doing is being more present during the quality time I spend with my family. This has been a bit harder because, even though we live in the same house, our quality time got significantly shorter since I started working. On the brighter side, the time we spend together is even more meaningful. I’ve watched more movies with my sister, made some time to talk to my mom on the phone daily, and held conversations with my dad during meals.

Finishing up

As you can see, there are many ways to start taking care of the relationships in your life. 

You don’t have to start big. I started with small steps. I first texted one friend, then two, then three, and so on. 

And you know what? I love the feeling of knowing I’m surrounded by love and healthy relationships. I am sure you are too.

Dear Sunshine, don’t let go of your loved ones. Whether it is a friend, family, or a partner, don’t let go if there’s still a healthy relationship to hold on to.

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