How to hydrate your body properly

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I am very excited about today’s post because I’m leaving you in my friend Lily’s good hands. Today, she’s here to talk about hydration and its importance in our physical journey of self-care.

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What about hydration? 

Ever since I was a kid, I have heard about the importance of water and the many benefits you get from drinking eight water glasses daily. Before I became a nutritionist, it didn’t make sense that someone recommended my five-year-old cousin to drink the same amount of water as my 50-year-old dad. 

How to hydrate your body properly?

One day during a class in college, one of my teachers introduced me to water balance, not water intake. It is one of the most helpful tools I have ever learned, and now I want to share some tips with you. 

Water balance 

Water balance talks about the importance of having personalized recommendations based on age, gender, physical activity, and daily activities. It is all about knowing how much water goes inside your body and how much goes out. 

The water that enters our body doesn’t only refer to the water we drink (around four cups for most young adults). Water comes from our metabolism (we can produce about 1.5 cups of water a day) and from food (approximately 4 cups). It may sound like a lot of available water. But let me tell you about the water output, which is how much water leaves your body. Between sweat, urine, and breathing, we can lose about 10 cups of water daily. Therefore, we almost get as much water as we lose every day. 

Liquid recommendation 

Now that we know the balance in our body, we need a specific answer to the exact amount of water we should drink. 

The easiest way to find out is to multiply your weight by 30 to have the exact number of milliliters you should take per day. Keep in mind that this number doesn’t include the water needed when you exercise, which should be free based on your activity’s intensity. 

Now, what about tea and coffee? 

Have you ever noticed that some types of tea and coffee make you want to pee more frequently? 

That happens because coffee and tea are strong diuretics, which means they alter our hormones. Our brain recognizes them as foreign substances that need to immediately get out of our body, therefore, expels them through urine. This makes you lose even more liquids and completely alters your water balance! 

If you really like your tea or coffee, my recommendation is to replace the fluids in your body: for every cup of coffee or tea, drink one cup of water. This doesn’t mean that these beverages are harmful to you. Both have many benefits for your health, such as improving your digestion and naturally boosting your immune system. 

Juices and sugary drinks 

But what happens when we can’t stand plain water and would like some juice instead?

While juice is a bit healthier than sugary drinks because of its natural origin, one cup can contain as much sugar as an industrial iced tea or soda! 

The juices’ problem is that all the vitamins and minerals contained in fruit are lost the second they are processed to become juice, leaving you with a drink of sugar and water.

My recommendations 

Overall, you should always go for water over any drink if you want to hydrate your body properly. Plus, you’ll also nourish and improve your skin and hair’s elasticity and make weight loss easier. Follow the simple water balance formula to know your exact number of milliliters and replenish liquids lost daily.

To wrap it up

So Sunshine, I hope you find something useful in this post on how to hydrate your body. Just a quick note, I’m leaving here Lily’s Instagram and YouTube channel if you want to follow her and learn a bit more about how you can take care of yourself through healthy eating habits.

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