I’m back… again

Hello Sunshine!

How have you been? I hope things have gone well for you these past few weeks.

This is not going to be a super long post, but a brief and honest one saying how glad I am to be back.

I’ve had some tough couple of months. I’ve been struggling with my mental health, and I had to pause to understand and accept all the messy feelings inside of me. To be honest, taking care of my mental health is something I started doing recently and I’ve set a goalnot to neglect it again.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in a dark place lately, and it was hard to ask for help and understand that I don’t have to get back on my feet on my own. I have been trying to break old habits and reconnect with friends I’ve lost touch with and I must admit doing so was hard, but felt so good I couldn’t believe it.

Taking care of my mental health has been a slow process, but it’s great to realize I’m getting better. This post is proof of that.

As I said before, this was not going to be long. I just want you to know that, if you are struggling with your mental health too, you are not alone. And you are strong and brave enough to get through whatever battle life is throwing at you.

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